Interviews with graphic designers will take place this month. I am checking prices with the producers repeatedly. There are 4 months to go before the campaign starts. Slowly more previews should start to appear. Final version of v0.97 official release on 30.06.2022:

How can you help? If you have played the game, please write about it (rating, review, recommendation).

A new structure of the rules and a revised German translation (v0.975 – August 2022) are currently under preparation (thanks to the interest of Chris from Victoria Parta Spiele) and English proofreading (thanks to Selwyn Ward of Board’s Eye View) for v0.975 too.

First german preview/how to play video from Bastian Bender:

First English language video – preview/how to play from Richard Jenders:

About Spiel Essen 2022:


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