First Giveaway

The competition for Scharz, Part III (pre-production copy). Terms:

1) rate Scharz on BGG

2) comment on Scharz on BGG

3) write or film the review on Scharz during July/August that gets the most thumbs up on BGG as of 8/31/2023.

If more than 10 reviews come together, 2nd place will also be awarded. Please take into account the v0.993 version of the game. If you don’t own Part I or Part II, all three parts are available for free on Table Top Simulator.

I will make an evaluation on the morning of September 1, 2023.

Current participants:

Ondrej Černek

Steve Takacs

update 1.9.2023:

The winner of Scharz, Part III (pre-production version) is Steve (10 votes), against Ondrej (1 vote English, 4 votes Slovak version). Unfortunately, there were no more participants.

Second Giveaway

This time we will compete for 12 player sets from the collector’s edition (wooden components without maps and other materials). This is a very unique item (only 4 were produced in 2019 and 2020). However, I am setting the following 2 conditions for the contest:
1) a total of 30 reviews of the game on BGG (currently 18).
2) at least 10 ratings for each of the three categories (appropriate number of players, recommended age, complexity).
Once the conditions are met, the contest will be announced (And it will probably be for the highest rated session description of a game since version 0.995 with a minimum number of characters and pictures. More details later in 09/23 update.)