Pre-production version

For those really interested in playing the game themselves, I offer the remaining pre-production versions of the game.

Status – 11 September 2023*

Ordering method:
If you’re really interested in the game, you can get it now. Just send an email to
I would like to buy the game Scharz, namely:
Part I
Part II
(select which one applies to you)

You can order for 15€ / 15$ / 15£ Para Bellum: Proelii (only to Part I or II without shipping costs).

per part: 60€ / 65$ / 53£ + shipping
for two parts: 120€ / 130$ / 106£ + shipping

US shipping:
one part $20, two parts $30
UK shipping:
one part £12, two parts £18
EU shipping:
one part 12€, two parts 15€
other countries:
on request

Prepayment by bank transfer, Paypal, Revolut.

The game contains:
all cardboard parts
all wooden parts (except spare parts)
does not include paper parts (must be printed at home)
(pre-production game graphics, game board v0.975)
more information here

The Upgrade pledge will always be available in the crowdfunding campaign, where you can get most new items at a reduced price.

For any further questions, please email

*Updates once a week on Monday mornings.

Part III:

That leaves one last Part III. The previous two were part of a competition and order from a There are 6 copies of Part III. 1 owned by me, 1 owned by Selwyn Ward from Boardseye, 1 owned by Candice Harris from BGG, 1 is up for competition, 1 has been reserved by an American university, and 1 remains.

Collector’s Edition:

Only the wooden components (and in one case the wooden boxes) were made from the Collector’s Edition. The maps must be printed separately at this time. There are a total of 4 full sets (12 players) and then some spares. 1 is owned by me, 1 is owned by Ondrej Cernek (a fan), 1 is for a future competition and then there is 1 from 2019 (first production attempt).

Review copy:

If you are a professional reviewer with a large enough audience, you can contact me (and get PIf you are a professional reviewer with a large enough audience, you can contact me (and get Part I or Part II for free. For larger channels, Part III or CE can be considered).

For the relaunch of the crowdfunding campaign, 10 new games of version 0.995 will be produced in Q4/2023 for contacted reviewers.

Scharz, Part I

Scharz, Part II

Scharz, Part III

75 Part I, 75 Part II (2021) and 6 Part III (2022)