v0.991 (12.3.2023)

Here you can find the Tabletop Simulator version of the game Scharz (Scharz v0.993):

How to start:

  1. click on the link above
  2. log in to Steam
  3. click on the Subscribe button
  4. Start Tabletop Simulator (if you don’t have it, you need to purchase it)
  5. Create – Multiplayer – Create server – in Workshop click on Scharz – v0.993 – Load
  6. Follow the instructions in the red box – click ALT
  7. Choose a seat at the table and invite other players
  8. Now you can start the game
  9. Use the C keypad for voice communication

If you’re interested in having the author show you the game via TTS, try emailing me. (

(English – v0.993, German – old game rules, Czech – v0.993)