P250 means 250 pre-orders and is a system inspired by GMT Games. In this case, it is for the author’s use only – for better orientation and planning of the crowdfunding campaign. If you are seriously considering purchasing the game during the Relaunch crowdfunding campaign, you will do me a great favor by emailing the following statement to info@scharz.com:

I am seriously considering purchasing Scharz during the Relaunch crowdfunding campaign. Specifically, I am interested in:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Collector’s Edition*
(choose which applies to you)

If you change your mind, just write another email. You are not committing to anything, nor do you have to pay anything. You just provide the author with valuable information (and an email to you, which will only be used once – when the relaunch starts).

Status – 11. September 2023**

* If you are interested in CE, I automatically assume you would be interested in Scharz, Complete (all three parts in the standard edition) if CE could not be offered.

**Updates once a week on Monday mornings.