3 Parts

Part I, Part II, Part III and CE

The complete Scharz game (Part I+II+III) includes 6 maps, 12-player sets, 4 game modes and a game time of up to 5 (game) years.

As you can see, the game is divided into three separately playable (and saleable) parts. Each such part contains 2 maps, 4 player sets and 4 game modes. I’m preparing a Kickstarter campaign in March 2023 after 4 years of development. The main goal of the campaign is to fund the production of Part I version 1.0 with a delivery date of Q4/2023. With more interest, other parts will be unlocked as pledges.

from Spiel Essen 2022
Division of player sets (colors) into individual Parts.

When I started designing the game, I wanted to create a multiplayer skirmish. The first idea was for 2-8 players. When I created a three level map, after some calculations it was clear that the correct number was 12. For a two level map it would be 6. Limiting myself to six players seemed like a great waste given the exponential increase in interactions resulting from a three-tier map/more than 6 players. This seemingly stupid and stubborn idea from early development eventually found its justification later. Even a six-player game would be very expensive, and few people would want to pay for something that most won’t use. So I began to consider the idea of splitting the game into multiple separately playable parts. The question was whether two or three. Given the possibility of offering two original maps with each part and having a lower price for one such part, I decided on the option of three parts that together make up the original game. This has come full circle, as the original philosophy – to have a skirmish strategy – makes perfect sense with three parts. Each part is independently playable and hides the potential to connect with the other parts. However, the game is designed so that it is always played on one map (i.e. only player sets are combined). The complete version of the game itself exists in two variants. Complete refers to the standard modest version. The collector’s edition then refers to the original Scharz idea of the game (the map size differs, the cubes and settlement tokens are also „3D“).

Left: Scharz Complete (Part I+II+III); Right: Scharz CE

What does Part I contain?

What does Part II contain?

What does Part III contain?

Difference between Complete and Collector’s Edition?

Part I, cover
Part II, cover WIP
Part III, cover
Complex, but not complicated…