Scharz is a complex war-economy board game with no hidden information and simultaneous play. The game resembles skirmish from RTS computer games of the ’00s.


Each player will take on the leadership role of one of the factions and over the course of up to 5 years will attempt to use the power vacuum to improve their faction’s geopolitical position. The player must cleverly develop both the economic and military sides of their empire and the art to tip the balance in the region in their favour.


Victory can be achieved in four ways:
1) Reach a truce with all other factions at one moment as the superior party.
2) Achieve 10 victory points through military and diplomacy
3) Achieve two economic minor goals
4) Be the furthest along in the three previous goals after five years


The game provides infinite replayability through a wide range of tactics, counter-tactics, extreme strategies, self-destructive battles and the ability to defeat economically stronger players. Each map is different and each additional player multiplies the number of possible interactions. In such an environment, competition reigns supreme and skill wins.

Basic characteristics:

2-4 players (2-12 in the complete version)
2 maps (6 in the complete version)
4 modes
10 years and older
60-180 minutes (60-270 in complete version)