Spiel Essen 2022 – booth 1A106 – The remaining games will be available in the current version for 60€ per Part.

Version v0.97 is available. On this occasion I have posted a short video of unboxing such version:

If you are interested in the game, I would like to remind you that there is an option to purchase this pre-release version of the game now. Why? The Kickstarter may not succeed. Even if it succeeds, the game will take at least until Q4/2023 to ship. You can get the game now. Cheaper. You’ll be able to buy the update in the Kickstarter. For me, it will help in that I’ll have ratings/reviews from real people on BGG. This can help a lot of people who will be researching the campaign later and looking for more information. I find it a more fair approach than pumping a lot of money into advertising and claiming something that may not be true at all.

If you look in the Eshop – besides the EU, you will now find the UK and USA. Besides bank transfer, you can also pay via Paypal and more. We just need to make arrangements directly. And that includes other countries not mentioned. Furthermore, in the Eshop you will find the possibility to buy the update v0.97 (which is the real updated four Player Aid and twelve game boards). It is also possible to pay for the German or Czech version of the paper materials. The revised rules will be available at the end of the summer.

25 pieces of Part I games and 28 pieces of Part II games remain to be sent out (8.7.2022).

draft v0.975:


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