I keep thinking about one thing that’s been bothering me. The game has been in development for exactly three years (but exactly one of those years development has been on hold) and I’m still unhappy with the last thing (before professionalization). And that is the first hour with the game. That has to work 100%. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet. A lot of youtubers had a problem with the rules, because they are used to read them and start playing. However, the Scharz rules are not designed for this.

I’ve created a „My First Scharz Game“ booklet, a player card, videos, a TTS version, and most recently even an simple (fast) mode. And it’s still not the same. My latest creation was inspired by Sunday’s game. It’s about the 15 points you need to know for your first fast mode game. With a link where you can find possibly more information. This should give you a definitive overview and also a link to the final information for each part. Here’s an example of the first version of this note. I’d be happy to get feedback on it from those of you who have the game.

Finally, as the game enters its fourth year of development, I want to start posting a blog about the game. Where those interested can find comprehensive background information on this adventure of mine.

First Slovak How to play:

First English Review:



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