The decision has been made.
The crowdfunding campaign will take place 10. – 30. October 2022, right after the end of the Spiel ’22 exhibition in Essen.
Until then, I will be posting a blog every even Thursday from April.
In the meantime, I’ll send out preview versions of the game. I will gradually add the published ones to the „Preview“ section.
Those interested in the game can buy it now (in English version v0.95, along with Errata v0.965) through this site at a discounted price. An upgrade to v1.0 will then be available for purchase as pledge during the campaign.

Here is a quick guide to fast mode (30-60 minutes game) from the v0.965:

(you might find it best for the very first game or as a filler/warm-up game)

Use basic mode and:
Do not use MOVE-SPECIAL, REAR-FISHING and no special phase and no commodities.
At the end of rounds 1, 2 and 3 – special phase TAXES.
At the end of round 4 – special phase SALARIES (-01 money for each cohort and CU village, -02 money CU city, double for encircled, unconnected dead). (CU = completed and uncircled)
In the rear construction subphase you complete all buildings in 2 rounds (in the REAR-TRADE subphase you start at 50%). Other conditions remain.
Victory goals: unification, dominance, might (A and B only), and wealth.
You are still limited to 12 cohort cubes and 20 covers (16 for buildings 4 for others).
heavy infantry – cannot move in subphase MOVE-RETREAT

Please start with the „YOUR FIRST GAME OF SCHARZ“ fold-out sheet.
If you get the hang of it, you can choose between your first real game in basic mode or in quick mode.
Use the fold-out sheet Player’s Aids. This is the main handy tool for this game.
In the game rules you will find game preparation, diplomacy (For everything else there is a Player’s Aids sheet) and detailed rules for all things in the game.
Please do not read the game rules first. It’s too complicated to read the game rules on their own without any connections.
Thank you.

If you’re still having trouble understanding the game – I recommend watching the videos on YouTube, checking out TTS (I’m available every Wednesday in March and April at 18:00 CET) or contacting me.

Gameplay from Fast mode – 13 rounds – 3 players – Taifas y Reinos
Fast mode – all rules explanation


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