Another summer update.

This time on the occasion of v0.994 (English, Czech). I would also like to remind you about the competition for the quite unique Part III, which only one person has participated so far. So the chances to win by the end of August are quite high. (more here)

In the latest version, the game is definitely divided into core content (2 truncated modes for casual players and entry games) and supplementary content (4 full-fledged modes). Now the rules (two rulebooks) and other things will be adapted to this. At the same time, several graphical improvements (Part II, game boards,..) are in the works. And by the time of this year’s Spiel Essen, review versions of the games will already be produced. Probably at that time the preview page of the relaunch campaign will also be launched.

More about the work in progress versions here.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll be looking forward to the big v0.995 update at the end of September.


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