Greetings to all friends of game Scharz. The summer holidays are starting and with them some news.

The current version of the game is v0.993. All changes can be found in the Errata (pdf). Probably the most important news is the addition of casual game levels (First and Basic game). So the game now includes First Game and Basic Game (casual players); White Mode and Green Mode (experienced players); Yellow Mode and Red Mode (hardcore players). Casual level has its Player Aid (pdf). The standard Player Aid contains all six modes distinguished by color (pdf).

There will be a couple of tests again this month. I would like to point out the Czech boardgame event Gamescon (22.7.2023), where you can try the game and then the English test at Table Top Simulator (31.7.2023) – follow the English discord of game. For other test dates follow the Czech Discord.

In the future, I’m planning a 40-page expanded rulebook with more examples and images, which I’ll publish in September (v0.995). With this version, I’ll then reach out to reviewers for the relaunch campaign, which is still planned for March 2024. Unfortunately I am not planning to visit Spiel Essen this year. However, if you would like to purchase the pre-production version of the game (Part I, Part II), it is still possible (contact me at jakub.kuncik@gmail.com).

Scharz, Part III

And now, finally, the aforementioned competition. The competition for Scharz, Part III (pre-production copy). Terms:

1) rate Scharz on BGG

2) comment on Scharz on BGG

3) write or film the review on Scharz during July/August that gets the most thumbs up on BGG as of 8/31/2023.

If more than 10 reviews come together, 2nd place will also be awarded. Please take into account the v0.993 version of the game. If you don’t own Part I or Part II, all three parts are available for free on Table Top Simulator.

Have a nice summer


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