2 April 2023
The Kickstarter campaign has failed.

After Kickstarter campaign report

1) Thank you to all backers, especially 113 of them, who have expressed interest in buying Part I. Relaunch will probably be in a year (March 2024). Feedback welcome.
2) If you are thinking of buying the game during the relaunch crowdfunding campaign, you can help me a lot by letting me know via P250.
3) For the truly interested, there’s also the option to get one of the remaining pre-production versions of the game (and then just buy an upgrade in the campaign).

11 April 2023

The first shipment (8 games) of pre-production games was sent before Easter. Of course it didn’t leave the shipping point over Easter 🙂 Also, for current owners, I posted an update on the new symbols and cardboard tokens. For the first game (and even easier reading of the Game Rules) I created a First Game sheet and updated the Start Here sheet. I’ve also added Errata v0.992. More here – https://scharz.com/index.php/english/

What you will need for the update. Here Part I and Part II.
Manually prepared update for Part I and Part II.
Added First Game sheet.
I didn’t stick all the symbols (it would be 640 stickers), I only made a sample (64 stickers). I also recommend to trim the corners of the CBT.
The disadvantage of paper is that it will wear off over time, unlike silkprint.
Batch 1 – 4 games Part I and 2 sets Part I+II.

21 April 2023

Czech version of all materials (v0.992) available for download on the game website: https://scharz.com/index.php/cesky/


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