Why for you:

You are competitive; you are a strategist; you like to explore; you are a gamer; you think you are smart; you like to find answers; you like to figure things out; you have good friends; you have a lot of time; you can play in depth; you enjoy real things; you enjoy logical things; you enjoy concrete things; you like what-ifs; you like to think; you play multiplayer games alone; you like minimalism and utilitarianism; you like wood; you want to teach your kids something; you want to learn something yourself; you’re intrigued by the simultaneous play; you want to see it in those 12 players; you’re intrigued by the system.

Why not for you:

You play games for half an hour at most (only duel after some experience fulfills this); you only play solos (the game doesn’t have a solomode, but I like to play it alone); you don’t like conflict (my wife doesn’t either, she likes to build; she could win without conflict, but you have to account for conflict and be a deterrent, otherwise it doesn’t work); you only play historical simulations (I also like practically only wargames); you don’t like tables (then you have to ask a lot of questions and remember a lot); you don’t like to lose (this could be a problem; usually only one wins); games are a waste of time (and what are you doing here?).

10 main attractions

1 – The fatal interdependence of the military and the economy.
2 – Beautifully, elegantly used multifunctional wooden components.
3 – Functionality in ANY number of players.
4 – No waiting for a turn, no hidden information, RTS like feel.
5 – Four game modes with scalable complexity.
6 – Infinite replayability that does not repeat.
7 – Simply defined subphases that repeat within the seasons.
8 – More different ways to win.
9 – A unit fights, builds, controls territory, must feed, gains experience and can be upgraded – within manpower.
10 – Minimalist, utilitarian design, where complexity arises from the combination of many simple small elements.

2 possible obstacles

Too much information at the start.

Start with fast mode. Instead of the first game, experiment together within one game year. Reading the rules will then have a much greater effect. Proceed from simple to complex. The reward is at the end.

Simultaneous play is unusual.

It’s a key mechanic, a much more natural way to play and saves immeasurable amounts of time. All the information is open thanks to the representation of the capacity of the movement. Mastering this mechanics is not about executing it correctly, but about perceiving all possibilities and making decisions based on the consequences of them. Then you will see that the order does not matter.

Basic characteristic:

Scharz is a complex war-economy board game with no hidden information and simultaneous play. The game resembles skirmish from RTS computer games of the ’00s.

Each player will take on the leadership role of one of the factions and over the course of up to 5 years will attempt to use the power vacuum to improve their faction’s geopolitical position. The player must cleverly develop both the economic and military sides of their empire and the art to tip the balance in the region in their favour.

The game provides infinite replayability through a wide range of tactics, counter-tactics, extreme strategies, self-destructive battles and the ability to defeat economically stronger players. Each map is different and each additional player multiplies the number of possible interactions. In such an environment, competition reigns supreme and skill wins.

Pledge – Scharz, Part I:

For those new to the game – one copy of Scharz, Part I version 1.0, delivered in Q4/2023.

79€ + shipping (MSRP 120 €), 34% OFF

Upgrade Pledge:

For people who own the Pre-production version of Scharz, Part I (49 games in circulation)

19 € + shipping

Why back now?

34% off on Scharz, Part I.

Available exclusively on Kickstarter and later from the author.

Support for the original project to give it the opportunity to reach larger channels and a wider audience in the future.

Players quotes:

Complex, but not complicated…

Mix Game of Thrones with Agricola, but real.

If Settlers of Catan was a wargame.

Heavy strategy game where there’s a lot going on.

Like a skirmish from a computer LAN party.

All information are open, no cards, no waiting.

Simultaneous play is actually much more natural and makes perfect sense.

Short-term and long-term planning based on seasons.

The wooden pieces are lovingly produced engineered blocks.

Lots of great ideas, just Wow!

A tremendous achievement – a deep, realistic game.

A game made with heart, no doubt.

The play of light and shadow.


The game will be produced in English only. In case of a bigger production, any other version can be produced. At the end of 2023, all text files in English, German and Czech will be published for free download (and printing). In case of greater interest, other language versions can be prepared.


Stretgoals can only be announced when the printrun exceeds 500 games.


If €16,500 is reached, I will unlock the addon for Part II (32 games) and Part III (3 games). This allows you to add more players and maps to your game. These are pre-production versions of the game. All current materials are print and play and the Upgrade Pledge itself will be available in a future campaign.

Campaign goal:

16,500 € – The smallest possible printrun of 250 games.

If the interest is higher, the pledge for Part II and Part III can also be unlocked.


Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter campaign ends. This allows me to reduce amount I charge you if I find a more efficient shipping methode or partner for your zone.

You wil be send a survey asking for your shipping address. Then, the pledge manager will use your shipping address to calculate and charge you for shipping your rewards. An estimate costs follow:

EU, USA, UK, China  –  10 – 15 €

Canada, rest Europe, Australia  –  15 – 20 €

South East Asia, New Zealand  –  10 – 20 €

Rest of the world  – higher

I will do my best to have this project customs friendly (no extra customs or vat charge).

The game weighs 2 kilograms (4.41 lb).


04/2019 – start of development

03/2023 – Kickstarter

05/2023 – Pledge Manager

08/2023 – end of production

Q4/2023 – Delivery of version 1.0