Greetings to all Scharz fans,

As I mentioned last time, I’ve been on hiatus from working on the game since November (last time I was working on the Proelii expansion), and have been working on the Christmas Star project. Such breaks have their advantages. They provide distance. This sometimes allows an otherwise very difficult decision to be made quite easily. Anyway, fans will have two opportunities this year to try out the game with my assistance. On July 20 in Pardubice at Gamecon (Czech) and then in Prague on September 27-29 at Consimcon (English/Czech). Mark Simonitch and Volko Ruhnke will also be guests at the Prague event. Unfortunately, I am skipping Essen in Germany again this year.

Keep your fingers crossed for me with the Star project, as possible success will give me a freer hand in the Scharz/Para Bellum project. The Christmas Star project is a very time consuming virtually 14 month project where we are just in the middle. I am planning two crowdfunding campaigns for July. One purely for the Czech Republic (and Slovakia) and one also for abroad. If you’re interested in the campaigns, you can check out a preview of their working versions, or give feedback and subscribe. I would be glad if you would consider supporting the project. However, the main sales will take place only at the end of the year (and only in the Czech Republic), so this is more about building some kind of a bridgehead. Still, this is a very important part.

I hope that you are all doing well before the coming summer and I wish you to enjoy this period as much as possible. I hope you will also keep your support for the Scharz project.

You can still purchase any of the remaining pre-production versions. And for those of you who have the game, I’d love it if you’d post your impressions (ideally of the latest 0.995 version) on BGG.

And here finally the promised links:

czech crowdfunding

Kickstarter preview

Kickstarter subscribtion


Consimcon (or here)

Star Julia

hvězda Julia


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