2 months to go.

I do my best to provide you complex, but not complicated game.

I’m excited to see what the experience units have done to the game. In the end, it required a bit more change in the balance of the game. But it was worth it.

I hope to have the v0.99 rules ready before the campaign starts. I already have the WIP version of Errata and Player Aid. I will try to publish them both by the end of the month. Then development will stop for a month.

The video from my side is a bit delayed due to version 0.99. (end of January) Videos from reviewers just before campaign.

sample working version of the counter sheet

Here you can see the CBT (cardboard tokens) for the experience levels of the units (recruit, standard without token, experienced, veteran, elite). Training token. Token for war elephants. Token for empty ships (transports and warships).

New graphic of the map Britannia; WIP
New graphic of the map Italia; WIP

Production prices have also been improved. This will not affect the end price as much as the margin at this point. Because I can’t get anywhere near 5:1 (selling price : manufacturing price) in the campaign. But it’s a little bit better. Personally, I’m mostly reassured by the lower price for a smaller load (250), which would play a big role in the Part II unlock.

Errata v0.99, work in progress

Player Aid v0.99, work in progress

So stay tuned, I will update this site in the end of January.

7 players, Britannia, green mode, v0.99 test

I’m still going to do the language correction for Player Aid and Game boards before I release the final v0.99. Here’s some new videos taken with my daughter.



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